A still life with flowers by Fornenburgh is the muse for the next De Parme design.


DE PARME Design at Schaap-/-Citroen Diamonds Boutique

In collaboration with Schaap -/- Citroen, the LEAVES collection of DE PARME DESIGN is available at the Diamonds Boutique in Amsterdam.


Diamonds boutique Amsterdam
P.C. Hoofdstaat 142
1071 BN Amsterdam

Design for Masterly The Hague

Masterly The Hague connects designers with a muse. De Parme Design was inspired by a painting by Jan Baptist van Fornenburgh. This seventeenth-century artist’s oeuvre features dainty, delicate, expressive floral bouquets. In the small, elegant panel presented here, a white vase with blue motifs holds a decorative floral ensemble.

De Parme Design has translated the artist’s exquisite brushwork into a superb jewel. The piece is executed in various materials by specialists in their craft: jewellers Jan Matthesius and Pauline Barendse, ceramist Judith Bloedjes and glass artist Bibi Smit. This unique gesamtkunstwerk is premiered at the Masterly The Hague design festival.

Masterly The Hague
20-23 September 2018 www.masterlythehague.com
Photo Frieda Mellema

Work in the making: Japanese spring and Soestdijk Palace

A splendid antique inlaid card table from Soestdijk Palace inspired a new work. To discover how an iconic piece of inlaid furniture translates into something new we need look no further than Japan. The Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) explores the fascinating contrast of the twisting graphic branches and the fragile blossom.

The original idea was to combine the table with jewellery. This developed into a branch of blossom fashioned in silver enclosed in the table top. When the drawer is opened, the silver blossom drops from the table top. The jewel can then be worn as a brooch. A cherished item of furniture becomes an ornament to be worn.

Dutch Pavilion presentation at Milan 2019

In the coming months, De Parme Design will be developing prototypes for a debut presentation at Salone del Mobile. Milano.

Each year, the amazing Palazzo Francesco Turati hosts the Dutch Pavilion showcasing the best that the Netherlands has to offer in design and craftsmanship. Titled Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, Dutch designers, companies working with traditional skills, design firms and collectives come together in the centre of Milan. Supported by Holland Marketing (nbtc), in 2019 the pavilion presents this year’s Dutch theme Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age on the world stage.

9-14 April 2019 www.masterly.nu

'1001 Jewels' exhibition opening

Princess Margarita opened an exhibition at Leiden’s Museum of Ethnology that spans the world. A spectacular show presenting highlights from the museum’s broad collection together with contemporary jewellery by designers from the Netherlands and abroad.

The exhibition reflects her own preference for jewellery which is about more than just design. A genuine ethnographic and anthropological interest and a study of materials, techniques and rituals often form the foundation for a De Parme design.