Nature inspires.


LEAVES Collection

Jewellery collection based on an original series of photographs taken during a walk in the woods. This fascination with patterns made by leaves and branches is expressed in a graphic interpretation of a leaf translated into the shape of a jewel. The collection contains six to eight items, in various colour shades, all made in the Netherlands.

Around the world, a small number of jewellers are selected per country to carry the DE PARME DESIGN brand. Jewellers are invited to contact to explore the possibility of offering the LEAVES Collection by H.R.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme as part of their own collection.

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Sales location in The Hague: Steltman Jeweller, The Hague.

Sales location in Amsterdam: Schaap -/- Citroen Jeweller, Amsterdam.


Vase with rings

Jan Baptist van Fornenburgh Flowers in a vase

The flowers and insects represent the year cycles in which the natural wealth is shown. H.R.H. Princess Margarita extracted the cycles, the circles, for her artwork. The colours from the canvas represent the different periods of the year. The glass vase is fully decorated with small notches, so that a matt finish was created. These are similar to the fine brushstrokes in the painting, which are so inspiring.

For each material that H.R.H. Princess Margarita selected, she worked with the best craftsmen as a tribute to the material in question. Glass wire drawn by Bibi Smit, delicate porcelain made by Judith Bloods and metal, worked by Studio Dubbelop and the golden frame by De Vaal. The object can be hung or carried.

Art object and piece of jewellery.
Price indication: € 5.995

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Orange Vase

New Orange Vase 75 years Freedom designed by H.R.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme in collaboration with Royal Leerdam Crystal. The movement in the vase is inspired by a flight of birds from the water surface into the air.

Since 1927, Royal Leerdam Crystal has traditionally released the famous orange vases at important events of national importance. The orange vases are hand-shaped in the centuries-old Leerdam Crystal Factory and mouth blown from ‘Cristal Supérieur’, the purest crystal in Europe.

On the occasion of 75 years of freedom, Royal Leerdam Crystal is launching a series of two Orange Vases in 2019 and 2020.

The price of both Orange Vases is € 295,- each.
The price of the series is € 550,-.

Royal Leerdam Crystal


H.K.H. Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme designed the GRADIENT LILY carpet in collaboration with ICE International, handmade rugs & carpets.

GRADIENT LILY, the warm red, hand tufted carpet with a graphic interpretation of a lily in relief. A special feature is the change in material from 100% NZ wool on one side of the carpet, to 100% pure silk on the other side, so that the red hue gradually acquires a different colour experience, a pure play of light. The inspiration for the design is found in nature, a continuous source of creativity for the princess. The lines of a lily are translated into a graphic, elegant line play.

Price indication: € 1.080 per square meter.

ICE International

Carpet Silhouette

Carpet Silhouette designed by H.R.H. Princess Margarita for the Marc Janssen collection. The light effect is key. The combination of wool and silk brings the abstract pattern created by branches of beech to the fore. While silk reflects light, wool absorbs. This contrast gives the impression of a ton-sur-ton colour palette, although only one colour is actually used. Ochre.

Working together with Marc Janssen, DE PARME DESIGN joins an illustrious set of designers including Mae Engelgeer, Claire and Roderick Vos, Kiki van Eijk, Piet Hein Eek and Joost van Bleiswijk.

Price indication: € 1.080 per square meter.

Marc Janssen